Making the Stuck on You Board

Supply List

  • Cricut Machine
  • Cricut weeding tools & scraper
  • brown vinyl
  • mod podge matte
  • foam sponge or paint brush
  • downloaded and installed the font “i love glitter” from
  • Painters tape or Transfer Tape (NOT THE CRICUT STRONG GRIP)
  • Wooden Board with Cactus on it from Michaels Crafts (don’t forget to use your coupon when you buy it)


You want to put a light coat of mod podge matte finish on your board. Let dry for 30 minutes maybe more depending on where you live. (You will see in the 5th step why I say add a coat of Mod Podge FIRST. I didn’t and it pealed some of the paint off the picture between the S and the T in the word stuck.)



Create your design in Cricut Design space. I used the font from cricut “Country Life” and a free font from called “i love glitter”.


If you really want to see how it’s going to look snap a phone and upload it into cricut as a IMAGE then select image type as COMPLEX. Then just click continue now click on the PRINT setting one and NOT the cut one.  Then click SAVE and insert image.  Then just play around with different fonts to see what you like best and pick one.

Which ONE looks best for the title_


Time to cut! Set your machine to vinyl setting. Measure and make sure you have everything positioned correctly and grouped. If you do NOT group it will will not cut out correctly. Then apply your transfer tape or painters tape. Apply that to your board. Measure and CENTER!

IMG_1329 This is a different project but it shows you my set up.


After all your vinyl is down, add your Mod Podge- remember a light coat will do it.



Your Done! Just let it dry and show your beautiful work below in the comments!



Michaels had more wooden and glass objects, so you don’t have to do the Cactus board. Just browse the isle and take time to look at items. Here are some other items I saw that you could work with…


PS.. My favorite might be the bunny butt…. LOL
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