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Cash Envelopes

I love doing Cash Envelopes!  What I don’t like is going to the grocery store and having to take my phone out and add as I go.  More than often I hit the wrong button or something happens and when I get to the checkout I’m way off.  I saw this in a Facebook group and LOVED the idea.  My tally tracker came in and I went straight to the grocery store to try it out. Worked like a charm. So say beans cost .69 cents, I hit it as a $1.00. Because I would rather be over than under at checkout, and don’t forget some items do charge tax.  Even after coupons I still come close to the amount on my Tally Tracker. This has truely been a great $5.00 investment.

People don’t even see it so they don’t see me on my phone adding every penny like i’m poor and NOT on a budget.  Overall rating 5 stars out of 5!  You can download a tally app on your phone that does the same thing however if your battery is running low.  Tally tracker doesn’t use a battery or charger. Completely manual.  I bought the one with the finger grip and it’s very comfortable to wear.  Yes, I can still pick up items and look at them, doesn’t hinder me in any way.

Cheers, Wendy

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