Valentine’s Planner Layout

Using Hobby Lobby sticker sheet and coordinating washi tapes and MAMBI (Me and My Big Ideas) Big planner stickers.

When I saw these stickers at Hobby Lobby I didn’t buy them the first four times, because I really didn’t think I could use them with the BIG Happy Planner.  The size seemed to suggest it would be perfect for the mini planner.  The more I thought about that sheet of stickers the more I knew I wanted to FIT it into my Valentines week planner pages.  I finally broke down and bought them, and I’m so glad I did.  The layout is even better than what I imagined.  So I combined my Hobby Lobby themed stickers with my BIG MAMBI stickers to finish this layout.  As always I used 2 of my favorite matching washi tape a 12mm wide and a 10mm wide for the bottom boarder and the sides. Then I dove in with 4 matching colors of the 5mm wide washi tapes.  Over all I’m extremely please with how well it turned out.  Shows you how you can use those happy planner mini stickers or classic stickers in the Big planner style.

P.S. I made the Account Balance stickers, because I combined my Budget planner with my daily Happy Planner.  I wasn’t pleased this week with the Account Balance stickers so I will revert back to my just 4 slots and one being total spending for that day.  (Apparently I shouldn’t see my balances or I will SPEND them, LOL)

Cheers, Wendy

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