Cleaning today

I haven’t posted lately I’ve been spring cleaning. Visiting family and doing OTHER things than videos and updates. I have 3 MUST DO TODAY items every morning on a list.  Just in case I don’t get the other 40 items listed done, I will if all else blows up get 3 major TO DO’s done.  This meathod has worked wonders for me. I keep a blank book journal and I just LIST things. TONS of things that need done or made on pages and pages.  Then when I have a minute I look at my list and pick an item to do.  Of course I get the first 3 MAJOR Items for that day done first. Love how this works keeps me on goal. I’ll have to take a picture of it.

What was my 3 major goals today….

  1. Clean up and Organize Living Room/Dinning Room area!
  2. Menu Plan and Order the groceries online (costs me $4.95 HOWEVER it saves me a lot of money I don’t pick up random things NOT on my list in the grocery store) Only downside I have is, it has to be paid via credit/debit card, so if you are on the cash envelope system it makes it difficult.
  3. Finish my Craft Project Binder (has been in my chore book for 1 month now! Needs to get DONE so that I can SEE what craft projects need to be done. From quilts, scrapbooking, photo items, layouts, shoots, digital designs, sticker making, organizing, crafting, planner, and much much more….. Should be a big binder and I will go over it after working through the trial period so about 3 months and I’ll do a video review of my Project Binder and chore book.

So.. with that being said I will leave you all with a cute picture of just 2 of the 7 cats we have, the two pictured are rescues.

Have Fun and don’t forget to Follow me!

Cheers, Wendy

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