Upcycled Vintage Typewriter

The Vintage Mints Upcycled Vintage Woodstock Succulent Planter

I saw this wonderful TikTok Video Tutorial upcycling a vintage typewriter, and I KNEW when I saw it I HADE to MAKE it. The original artist is Roycycled and she saw this on Pintrest. Go Follow her, she’s awesome.

I’m not good with keeping plants alive I even manage to kill air plants. So I decided to change mine out from real to fake succulents so I knew I wouldn’t kill them. Here is my tutorial on how I did that.

DIY Upcycle Typewriter Video

Supplies Needed:

  • Vintage Typewriter (no working is best)
  • 1 foam floral block (Dollar store the 4 pack of small size)
  • Hot Glue Gun/ Hot glue

Step 1

I didn’t clean my typewriter, I wanted the dust and dirt, but you can clean yours if you want.

Step 2

Take one of the small floral foams and put it directly on top of keys. Press down firmly.

Then just started adding your fake succulents until you get them the way you want them. Then gently removed them one by one and add glue to the ones NOT inserted into the foam itself. To prevent shifting of the succulents that aren’t in your foam block.

And your done. Optional you can add a cute little note on printed paper and stick into the typewriter, adds a really cute finished look.



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