Stuck on you…

Finally Finished Lily and Mikeys wall hanging. She loves it so thumbs up!!!
I bought the cactus wall hanging at Michaels Crafts. Then I used my Cricut machine to cut STUCK ON YOU and Mikey & Lily out in brown vinyl. Used blue painters tape to stick it down, which the first one STUCK ON YOU pulled up some paint from the wood between the S and T. So I did a quick coat of matte finish Mod Podge. It dried fully in less than 30 minutes and I cut out the mikey and lily and added it to the bottom super easy. Then I did another coat of Mod Podge over mikey and lily only and let that dry. 🙂
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The Journey Begins….

Thanks for joining me! I’m excited to get started with crafting on camera.  I’m setting up my video recording craft studio today.  I can’t say enough how excited I am to be diving head first into a mixture of things (crafts, planners, cooking, sewing, embroidery).

I’ve always enjoyed learning a new trade and trying it out, learning everything I can first before actually starting. (and buying everything I needed before starting too)  Talk about wasting money! <–Will go over this in my Budget Planner videos and chats.

That explains why I venture into everything and try everything.  Instead of saying Jack of all Trades, I’ve say Wendy of all trades.  My husband doesn’t think it’s that funny and he’s not to happy with me learning and doing the manly things around the house.  From fixing toilets to car repair, do I like doing these things? NO, but they needed to be learned and done to finish the project.  This blog though will be going over a wide mixture of things, so just search and JOIN in the fun with me.  I promise you: You’ll have fun, you’ll laugh (because I will be posting my fails), and you’ll meet new like minded friends to hang out with…

“My biggest fear is when I die my husband will sell all my craft supplies for what I told him they cost. — unknown”

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