About Me

I am a Artist and a mom of two 19/20 girls.  I’ve been married to my husband Dan for 21 years. We currently have 12 pets in the house, 8 cats (7 are rescues), and 4 dogs.  My busy days consist of crafting, planners, crochet, paint parties, chalk couture, shattered glass ART, Flappy Masks, quilting, sewing, and a small business with all of it.  I do have some medical issues so some days i’m just at home in bed all day.  Other than that I say pretty active with my life.  I love to read when I find some downtime.  I no longer cook or plan meals because it’s just me usually or me and shelby.  OR Me and hubby. depends on the night.

Our Pets

Ollie is our oldest dog in the house.

He is estimated birth 5/1/2015

He HATES thunderstorms. Only barks when you get home and brings you a toy that you CANNOT have. Sleeps in till Noon most days, I have to go and get him up out of bed for the day. Will steal my back hot pad for the heat. Also will kick Azurie off the heated blankets. His coat is wire hair but different from Luna’s coat.

Luna estimated birth 6/17/2017.

Queen B**** of the house! Does NOT share anything, rules the house, top alpha dog at only 8 pounds. She is also the smallest dog in the house. She has a wire hair coat, but different from Ollies. She is my Husband (Dans) Dog.

Winston estimated birth 1/21/2018.

He is Shelby’s Dog (my youngest daughter) He LOVES the dumplings and box from Bark Box, Shelby buys him several at a time from Target, and gives them to him. He opens the box gets the 3 dumplings out! He counts them if one is missing he comes to let you know. Then proceeds to chew up the dumplings and removes the squeaker in less than 3 minutes. We usually take the last dumpling away and save it for later. Loves to double high five. Helped Raise the twins (cats: Ramona & Binks). He’s their dad, he cleaned their butts for me when I was bottle feeding them.

Hazelnut estimated birth 3/1/2020.

She was suppose to be a chihuahua/ shih tzu 8-10lbs tops. She’s 42 pounds and growing. LOVES to play. Chases Cats but loves playing with Phoenix. She is the largest dog we have ever owned.

Azurie is our oldest in the house now born in 9/2011. Hairless cat called Sphynx. He is my first love. He is on you 24/7 for heat.

Pebbles was born in 2016. He has asthma and has a cat inhaler. ADOPTED

Princess is our Feral and is part of the Triplets born 2016. We bottle fed her but when we moved to our forever home she decided we were the enemy. (Triplets: Princess, Won Ton, Moose) Foster Fail/ADOPDED

Won Ton is our special needs cat. She has a genetic disorder similar to Down syndrome. Her tongue is larger than her mouth, she has a pear shaped body, and other traits. When she plays she uses full strength of her bite and her claws are always out in play, so it’s painful to play with her. (Triplets: Princess, Won Ton, Moose) born in 2016 Foster Fail/ADOPTED

Ocho is a medium hair black cat with 1 white whisker. He is a LOVE bug and general pain in the butt, he will help you do everything. He got his name because he was our eighth cat so we went with Ocho in spanish for 8. born in 2017 ADOPTED

Binks is one of the Twins. We’ve bottle fed them before their eyes were open. His sister is Ramona. born in 2018 Foster Fail/ADOPTED

Ramona is one of the Twins. We’ve bottle fed them before their eyes were open. Her brother is Binks. She is my craft kitty, always in my craft room with me, and reminds me to take time off to pet her! She is also my talker kitty, constantly chatting to me. Born in 2018 Foster Fail/ADOPTED

Phoenix is our newest baby. He came to us in extremely bad shape. He’s doing great now, and is my LOVE! We have bonded and we cuddle every single day. He is my spoiled man. Born in 2020 Foster Fail/ADOPTED

Dusty doesn’t live with us anymore she is the oldest cat we have. She’s 13 years old and NOW lives in bowling green, KY with my oldest daughter Lily. Born in 2008

Moose is part of the Triplets born 2016. (Triplets: Princess, Won Ton, Moose)

NOW lives in bowling green, KY with my oldest daughter Lily. Foster Fail/ADOPTED

Over the Rainbow Bridge

Pedro was 15 when he passed in 2019. He was a PomChi and Best dog ever. Our first Foster Fail/Adopted. We miss you buddy. He was my husbands dog. But he grew up with my girls and he married a lot of barbies and cats and was a great dog.

Hope was a rescue in 2017 that we lost to FIP in a few months. This Blind kitten was my youngest Daughters. Although her death hurt all of us terribly. My daughters first tattoo was a paw print of Hopes. Even though she wasn’t with us long, she made the most impact on our lives. We lost this entire litter of 7 rescued kittens.

Tig was born in 2012, he passed away recently in Dec. 2020. This was my youngest Daughter, Shelbys cat. Tiggy was a strange cat and we tried to rehome him 7 times, we finally gave up and just kept him. He only bonded with my daughter and our other naked cat Azurie. He was Won Tons Love, and it hurt her. She still cries for him.