Stenciling with Paint

Using my cricut I made “Wendy & Dan” cut out and then I show you how to put it on your canvas and use the negative space to make your masterpiece personal. Video below.

This was the Love One Another Painting Party we did inside “The Vintage Mint VIP Chalkers” group on Facebook. We have a lot of fun. 😉


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How to DIY Chalk Couture Deer Antler Autumn Porch Sign


The How To DIY Fake Deer Antler Porch Sign

What you will need to make this:


  1. Sand your wood with an Orbital Sander 220 grit is what I used
  2. Paint your wood board with white chalk paint, I used the walmart brand chalked and did NOT like it because my wood I was using had a veneer on it so it didn’t stick like other name brand chalk paints do. (amy howards one step, dixie bell, annie slone, maison blanche)
  3. Sand or distress with orbital sander, wipe dust off with cloth
  4. Do the Buffalo plaid using the storm paste and 4 in squeegee, I tried to use my plaid twice and messed up my pattern so wash/dry between chalking, should take you 3 times to cover the board.
  5. Once dry Then lay down Autumn transfer I cut it down the center and left AUT and UMN in together. Center it making sure it’s closer to the bottom so you can add the antlers at the top.
  6. Once dry seal with Krylon uv and other poly
  7. Take your two foam pieces and glue the antlers into them and then stick them through each other to make a more stable base. I didn’t have a large enough foam so if you have a larger block great.  IMG_1042
  8. Then hot glue down the foam also making sure to go around on the sides that touch the board.
  9. Once that is done, take your twine and wrap around board top, I did 4-5 times.
  10. Arrange your flowers how you like them and either put them in the foam or lay them on top and use another piece of twine to secure all in the middle.
  11. Add the raffia and secure with middle twine, than add your last CENTER flower hooking and gluing it over twine and using the twine also tie it on.
  12. Then take a few left over leaves and glue them around your foam block so they don’t show. 

  13. Done!


Looking into the Studio…

We bought our “Forever Home” in Oct of 2017 on a golf course in Elizabethtown, KY.  My creative place is just now taking shape as I’m unpacking boxes still.  It’s been a long journey to get here and will take several more months ahead to unpack and organize my craft space.  I will also be listing items for sale as I unpack my studio.  If you want to see what I’m selling please follow The Vintage Mint on Facebook, I will be listing items on the page as I go through boxes.

I’m excited to get everything in it’s spot so I can create!  I do a little of everything, that’s why I just say the Jack of all trades.  I think knitting is the only craft I haven’t tried yet.

Below is the links to find me on Social Media, join in the fun and the fails. <– because there will be fails. So lets laugh together and create together.

Have Fun and don’t forget to Follow me!

Cheers, Wendy

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Stuck on you…

Finally Finished Lily and Mikeys wall hanging. She loves it so thumbs up!!!
I bought the cactus wall hanging at Michaels Crafts. Then I used my Cricut machine to cut STUCK ON YOU and Mikey & Lily out in brown vinyl. Used blue painters tape to stick it down, which the first one STUCK ON YOU pulled up some paint from the wood between the S and T. So I did a quick coat of matte finish Mod Podge. It dried fully in less than 30 minutes and I cut out the mikey and lily and added it to the bottom super easy. Then I did another coat of Mod Podge over mikey and lily only and let that dry. 🙂
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