Patch Travel Jackets

When we were on vacation in Las Vegas, I saw patches just about at every single store.  Later I began to wonder why?  Then I realized people collect them like the tiny spoons, shot glasses, fridge magnets, and pins.  They then put them on jackets to show off the places they’ve been.  I knew I wanted to make the girls patch jackets similar to the senior year jacket displaying your high school accomplishments.  I wanted the girls to show off their love to travel and everywhere they’ve been, so we started our journey of collecting patches everywhere we visited.

Finally I got a chance to put the patches on the jackets and add their name just like the High School Letterman jackets. (please note that if I was to do it again I would put the Last name further down on the back of the jackets, girls with long hair you can never read the last name.  Best to put it in the middle or at the bottom of the jacket.)


They have grown out of the original jackets.  We just purchased new jackets this year 2018 and I’m in the middle of transferring everything.  I’m adding Momma Bear to mine and baby bears to theirs. I’ll post more pictures as I finish each of them.

I finally settled on how I wanted my name on my patch jacket. I loved the shabby look, and remembered doing fringe back in 2001 on a shirt. So I thought instead of making embroidery fringe I could get the look I wanted this way. Totally worked. I digitized the funky letters in Hatch and did a triple run stitch. I SHOULD have done a edit objects tab “Create outlines and offsets” and done a single run stitch 1/4 or 1/2 from the outside letters as a cut and fringe, would have made everything even and faster. But I didn’t think about it till I was cutting them out. I did them on black med wt stabilizer and just sewed that down after I cut them out and fringed them. Which I then noticed I should have digitized it all out and just let the embroidery machine do all work. Done it like applique and cut it out then remove the running stitch and fringed it all. OH, well lesson learned.


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Cheers, Wendy

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